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Pay Slips

Minimise your paperwork by using pay slips provided by us.

Pay Slips & Payments Package

Leave the payroll hassle on us by packaging pay slip, salary and superannuation payments.

Start to Finish Payroll Package

Receive pay slips and reports from us, in addition to processing and payment of salaries and superannuation directly to your employees. All this when you simply send us timesheets.


Enjoy piece-of-mind using our payroll processes that integrate with your system seamlessly.

Smart enough to save you money

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Average Cost per Week



Fee $20

Please note: A $50 sign up fee may apply.
When your staff are paid automatically through STPayroll there will be a small bank transaction fee.

Outsourcing Payroll? Why Not!

From managing timesheets to preparing pay slips and making salary and superannuation payments, payroll processing is a time consuming process. Outsourcing payroll enables employers, their human resources and accounting personnel to channelise their time and energy in core functions instead and focus on work that is aligned with company vision and strategy. STPayroll expertly manages all your payroll requirements in a manner that is highly efficient, technologically advanced, timely and compliant with all relevant legislation. Call STPayroll to speak with a friendly consultant of ours today.